Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bloody..... Cupcakes


I wanted to share this little indulgence in the kitchen with you.  It was for a Halloween  bake-off. I didn't win the contest, however, I don't think any of the other contestants had as much fun as I did preparing their entries.

This idea comes from Easy Baked.

I used a different recipe for the cupcakes and icing but Easy Baked glass and blood are PERFECT.

This is the glass, cooling on parchment paper.  I wasn't happy with my first batch and redid it.

I found that spraying the parchment left a bit of a residue on the glass candy. My second batch was much better. I let it harden on a silicone sheet.  When done I used the heel of a kitchen knife to shatter the glass.


I couldn't resist taking this picture. No one was hurt.  It is delicious though.

Red velvet cupcakes are sooooo pretty.

Here is my display.  I made the skulls using easy melts and a mould.