Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Skeleton Key Art

Think 'Restoration Hardware' for a fraction of the price.

Online at RH you can purchase a single framed skeleton key for $99.  I had some keys that I have been hoarding for several years, waiting for inspiration.  The shadow boxes were on sale this week at Michaels, I had the paper and spray adhesive from another project.  The only other item I purchase for this project was the E-6000 glue. You can pick up skeleton keys from eBay and put together your own for so little.  I think I spent less than $20.

I started by tracing the backing onto good quality paper, cutting it out, then gluing it to the front side of the backing piece with spray adhesive.  I let it set for an hour.

I drew a blank template matching the size of the backing. I drew centre lines down and across to play with placements on the template.  When I found a layout I liked I used the measurements from the template then traced a light pencil line on the backing where I would glue each key in the right spot.

I used clear E-6000 glue to hold the keys in place...  Tip! put the glue on the keys, NOT on the paper.  The glue is stringy and it will mark the backing paper.

I also suggest having some spacers for keys that don't lay flat, like those big clock keys. I used large toothpicks. The keys tend to roll to one side, which is likely not anyone's the desired result.

I left them overnight to set, cleaned up the shadow boxes, assembled them and hung them in our entryway.