Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Lovely Iris!

In December 2012, a couple of weeks before Christmas a new member of the family arrived. An early Christmas gift from my honey.  And she's purple! Even cooler!

I think she is gorgeous!! A six quart bowl professional 600 series.  Wow! am I ever fortunate. Someone really likes me.

Iris and I made doughnuts, whipped cream, tiramisu and the best cookies, ever!  the list goes on.  In fact she plays a starring role on the Smalldeluxe Blog.  Since she came home to live with us she has inspired me to become more adventurous in the kitchen.

Not long after she came home I noticed that she was experiencing some problems with her switch and at high speeds she just didn't seem to work smoothly.

I called Whirlpool to find out how to correct the situation and they offered to replace her, straight out...  I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and efficiently they wanted to rectify the situation. Unfortunately at the time they only had four colours in stock and my beloved boysenberry stand mixer was not available.  They suggested that I try at a later time.

I called on Monday to try again and I was so pleased that they had one in stock and I could expect it within the next three to four weeks.

The new Iris came today (Thursday). "That was quick!".  I had planned on baking today and I had one last spin with Iris before I send her back to her maker (literally).  Here is the post of my last adventure with Iris.  

Goodbye Iris...  I will miss you. 

I look forward to more adventures with the new Iris.

New Iris on the left, Iris I, on the right.